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Why entering awards makes good business sense

The Caerphilly Business Forum Awards 2017 will be taking place on Friday 17th November. Read our article on why your company could benefit from entering the Awards.

With year-round award ceremonies, entering your company for consideration may have fallen to the wayside – either due to lack of time, or a lack of understanding as to the benefits. In reality, there is a significant advantage to appearing front and centre among those organisations leading your industry.

The first reason is also the simplest – award wins look good to prospective clients, employees, and those your organisation are looking to recruit. If you’re at a pitch and have won an award, it can not only increase credibility but can also help the company stand out from the competition. It shows that a judging panel made up of leaders and experts decided that you were the most deserving of the award and they believed that recognition as an industry leader was justified.

There is plenty of publicity to be gained from the event - many award organisers will arrange press releases and other coverage which will include all shortlisted companies. Winning, or even being shortlisted for, an award will increase the awareness of the company. All companies will be on the event website and will crop up in any articles that are posted with regards to the awards night.

Attending the ceremony is a great chance to network with professionals and other business leaders. It can create opportunities for partnerships and there is the potential to get more work as a result. As well as new business opportunities, the awards can also be used as a means of benchmarking. You can look at the companies that you will be competing against and compare them to yourself, this can give the team ideas on what can be improved and how to give yourself an edge over the competition.

Award ceremonies give senior management a great opportunity to reward and recognise the work that their team puts in. It gives the company a reason to celebrate its staff – a great morale booster that gives employees a reason to be proud of the work they are doing. Everyone wants to win. When employees know that their company wants to enter a specific business award, they will have a tangible target to aim for - it can drive them to give their best, and if won, it gives the company a reason to reward the staff responsible. This in turn can be can reaffirm just how important each member of the team is. Everyone wants to work for the best companies - winning the award can help to increase your profile as an employer of choice.

In short, both entering and winning an award ceremony looks great and can have far-reaching results. It provides a business with third party advertising that will give your company publicity for potential clients and prospective employees. It allows for interaction with professionals in your field, further enabling the chance to network and create connections. Finally, it gives you a reason to celebrate your company. It is a great way to reward staff and show them how much their work is appreciated.

With all of that in mind, it’s time to consider entering your business for the Caerphilly Business Forum Awards 2017. Entries close 6th October.