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EVENT REVIEW: The Importance of the Welsh Language in Business

Did you know that just over 11% of the population of Caerphilly speaks Welsh, compared to 1 in 5 for the whole of Wales?

Did you know that just over 11% of the population of Caerphilly speaks Welsh, compared to 1 in 5 for the whole of Wales? Yet the value placed on the ability to speak Welsh within the business community in on the rise, so why aren’t more companies embracing the language and what are the benefits in them doing so?

These and more questions were addressed at the latest Breakfast Seminar, with representatives from Menter Caerffili – Welsh in Business. Established in 1999, Menter Caerffili works in partnership with businesses throughout the County borough and the demand for their services would appear to be on the up – its easy to see why.

Indeed, during the event we heard how Welsh language skills are helping businesses to forge stronger relationships with their customers irrespective of whether they speak the language themselves or not. It helps to elevate ‘brand Wales’ both nationally and internationally and enhances the language’s identity and appeal.

Closer to home, businesses have reported that offering a Welsh language option results in a higher level of customer satisfaction and appreciation and all-round experience. At a time of increased competition, businesses are constantly looking for ways to gain that all-important edge ahead of their rivals. Could the adoption of the Welsh language be one of the ways in which this can be achieved?

Of course, this all sound very good but how can businesses go about implementing the Welsh language? According to Menter Caerfili, a great way to start is by appointing a Welsh language champion who can take the lead on the project. This is followed by a phasing-in process that typically involves introducing simple Welsh greetings into the business, such as bore da (Good Morning) and Prynhawn Da (Good Afternoon).

Menter Caerfili plays a key role in supporting businesses with their Welsh language implementation. So, even if the business itself doesn’t have out and out Welsh speakers, they doesn’t mean they won’t be able to support and engage with those customers who do want to communicate to in Welsh.

There are some great examples on the Menter Caerffili website of how the Welsh language has and is benefitting business throughout the region.

Our next event takes on Tuesday, 6th March at Welsh ICE, with guest speaker Gareth Jones, who will be discussing, “Can Caerphilly lead the Cardiff Capital Region?”

Bookings for this event are now open. Please click here for full details and booking information.