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CBF Event Review: Prab Chadha

The 4th July saw Prab Chadha, Managing Director of Digital Mavericks visit the Forum to discuss how best to grow your business using Linkedin. Read our review of the event.

BREAKFAST REVIEW: How to grow your business using LinkedIn

To say that LinkedIn is huge would be one of the greatest understatements of all time. According to the latest figures, an estimated 500 million people have a LinkedIn account of which around 21-23 million are in the UK. That’s the equivalent of 2 in every 3 people who are currently in work.*

Some describe LinkedIn as ‘Facebook for business’ but the inescapable fact remains that as a lead generation tool there are few online platforms that come anywhere close to LinkedIn. Yet most of us, if we’re totally honest, are perhaps guilty of failing to maximise its potential.

So we brought in a little help to offer some useful tips on how to remedy this.

Social media strategist and managing director of Digital Maverick, Prab Chadha addressed the Forum’s recent Breakfast Forum. He shared his insights into the most effective ways that businesses can leverage LinkedIn to not only raise their profile but also to positively impact their bottom line.

Prab talked about The Role of Thirds – the way in which businesses and individuals need to balance the messages they are posting on LinkedIn between sharing, conversing and promoting. By getting this balance right, you inadvertently begin to position yourself as a thought leader, a solutions provider and ultimately someone that your prospects will want to do business with.

He went on to talk about frequency of posting, suggesting that you need to consider your timing – posting just once effectively limits your opportunities for that post to be seen by the right people at the right time, so consider re-posting your content later the same day or the next.

It is the ‘solutions provider’ aspect that is a vital contributor to being successful on LinkedIn. Prab stressed the importance of thinking in the shoes of those customers and prospects of most importance to you and consider what you can do to value to what they do, what they need. Armed with this information you can then go about creating, curating and sharing content that will chime with them.

This, he says, is how you remain front-of- mind and become positioned as a thought leader – someone who not only ‘gets’ the nuances and challenges faced by your prospects but someone who is prepared to share insights that are relevant, informative and crucially valuable.

He stressed the need to keep your personal profile updated, ensure you have a recent photo, consider adapting your title to one that intimates what you can do to help those people you want to do business with.

For instance, he suggested that while simply stating that you are a ‘Managing Director’ for example is fine, it does little by way of serving as a hook or a call to action. Instead, consider adding a little more meat to the bones such as, ‘Managing Director providing talent solutions to drive their businesses forward’.

Finally, Prab said to always be watchful of ‘sales triggers’ – connections who have endorsed you, liked and shared your articles on LinkedIn Pulse or those who have sent an InMail. These are people who are interested in what you are all about and even if they’re not in the market for what you have to offer in the here and now, they may well be further down the line or they might know someone else who is.

Ultimately, Prab was clear – LinkedIn is very much an under-utilised weapon in the marketing toolbox. But get it right and the rewards will most certainly come.

*Source: Office for National Statistics, June 2017