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Caerphilly Business Forum Awards 2018: Winners Stories: Big Lemon

Big Lemon won Creative & Digital Business of the Year at this year's awards. We caught up with them after, here's what they had to say:

1.) How did it feel to win a Caerphilly Business Forum Award? 

Given that we’d won in the same category last year we honestly weren’t expecting to win again. Our award was first up and when our name was called it was a genuine surprise, especially given the stiff competition in the category. Going up as a team to collect the Creative and Digital business of the year for a second time was amazing, we’re flattered to be recognised for the work we’re producing and the aspirations we have going forward.


2.) How did you find the experience of the Awards night? 

I think the CBFA has definitely become an annual staple for us, regardless of if we’re shortlisted or not, we’ll be coming along. It’s a great event and a brilliant way to celebrate the success of all businesses across the Caerphilly region.


3.) How do you strive to make a difference in the Caerphilly business market? 

Having been based at Welsh ICE for the past two and a half years has really opened our eyes to the determination and grit of entrepreneurs in the Caerphilly region. The fact that ICE has over 250+ successful businesses on its campus it a testament to the ethos it instils in the region. From the start we’ve been about helping other businesses thrive, that will never change.

Our mission is to save our clients time, resources and heartache through the creative and innovative use of tech, be that through building MVPs for start-ups or building bespoke solutions for SME’s. A large percentage of our clients are Caerphilly based, and we only expect to help more in the region over the coming years.


4.) What are your goals for the next 12 months? 

In the next 12 months we’re looking to gain projects that match our ethos and ambition as a company and work with more local and international businesses to solve their digital challenges.

We have plans to ramp up the amount of our own assets and tools we create and launch. We’ve also made a big effort with our marketing plan for next year. We’ve recently launched our QuickQuote tool, so unlike the traditional means of getting a price from similar companies, our QuickQuote generates a proposal for our prospective clients, inclusive of details on the proposed tech solution, project timescales and a pricing structure. The whole process of getting a quote takes less than 2 minutes, the output can be used for business plans, seeking investment or identifying timescales. To kick off our marketing plan we’ll be promoting the new tool as of January.


5.) What is the biggest lesson you have learned in the last 12 months of your business? 

To get in the shoes of our clients, to understand what pains them and pivot our service offering to match their needs. We’ve put a lot of emphasis on our 5-year plan, having done the research and having goals to aspire to will make it easier for us to keep on track in the years to come.


6.) What one piece of advice would you give to any aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Success is entirely subjective, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Identify what makes you happy, define your own success and put a plan in place to achieve what it means to you.